Cars for Sale

Place an order for a new TwinTech! Just like the custom motorcycles that this vehicle is reminiscent of, they are built to your specifications. Any color and any theme. You choose the engine, color, lights, fenders, seat fabric, steering wheel, wheels and tires or use our suggestions. We have a new frame with 2” main tubes that includes a styled rear storage compartment, engine mounted 5 speed transmission and available limited slip rear axle. Call me to discuss your needs. Complete cars are available from the $50’s and kits from the mid $20’s.

The TwinTech prototype is for sale at $65,000. We have over two years of design, fabrication and development time in this car. It has a new 120 inch Screamin’ Eagle by Harley Davidson turned sideways so everyone knows what’s coming at them. A four-speed transaxle is mounted in the rear for optimal weight distribution of 50/50. See the Specs page for more info.

Dave Piontek
Piontek Engineering Inc.
Brighton, Michigan
(704) 604-3044